It is his presence which is admired, And his absence often wondered

He is often remembered, Just moments after  we get into blunder.

Some call him the creator, some call him thunder  (zeus)

We pray endlessly so that we obtain his exposure .

How often do we stop & question his presence and wonder,

Who is he whom we call the almighty & one’s maker.

He gave us the will , he gave us the strength

he gave us the ability to question his aspects.

Still we as a race engage in a futile argument,

Over who’s God deserves the best compliment.

This again is a secret recipe to stir things up & use it against the masses,

Using the word terrorist and blaming the people whose families are torn in clashes.

Enough of hate & enough of the differences,

he is not the one who made us all & who are we to divide us all

We are humans, we are flawed

The people in power use us to get the opposition outlawed.

So it is time to question our own belief rather than turning a blind-eye,

Try to amend the already flawed world & help each other before there is a massive outcry.


“There is nothing behind the curtains of religions, people put there whatever their imaginations can fathom”
~  Bangambiki  Habyarimana




What is it that you envy about my life ..?

Why is it that you soo much care ..??

What is it in our life ,that you want us to share..!!

It’s about time so let me inside your mind,

And share with me the secrets you bear.

Truth is that the eyes don’t lie,

Look i can see that when you stare.

So don’t close yourself & clear up the Air,

It’s way better than staring the wall in dispair.

Enjoy the Life to the Fullest as it is a Funfair.

Go out into the world & give yourself some selfcare.

Life is easy ,Living it is not

So give it a break.

Get out , get going & dont worry

Its gonna End.

You don’t have to control your thoughts.You just have to stop letting them control you.

~ Dan Millman


We come into existence with one life to share,

Going with the flow and no time to spare.

Life is a treasure with challenges to chase,

They say slow & steady wins the race

Looking into the future , we are the visionary.

The society claims our thoughts as absurd & imaginary .

Life is all about not giving up & digging the tunnel.

Extracting the adventures & experiences like a funnel.

Hand-in-Hand goes the life & it’s lessons,

Teaching us the loop-holes & to be patient.

It’s about time we do our due-diligence,

For the sake of life & to avoid negligence.

This is the journey from which we go through,

It is the journey of life & experiences we grow through.

Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

~ Mark Twain

Journey to Solace..

Those were the days ,when we were into each other.

And now is the time when we don’t even look at each other.

There was a time when we cherished the moments together.

And now is the time when those memories haunt each other.

It was a walk through the reminiscence,when the heart put on its resistance.

Marching on in the journey of life ,we move on without any hesitance.

Forgetting that we are a complex machine ,which also needs maintenance.

Couple of books & walk in solitude could cure the escalated soreness.

This is when adversity kicked in & made a mess.

And we disconnected from life we loved & found our solace.

The thing about solace is that it fills the void created by someone else

Me to You..

I wake up everyday with your smile on my mind,

It’s a beautiful sight, which is so soft and kind.

My dreams are filled with the thoughts of Me and You,

I wake up and smile for My dreams have come true.

We have been together dear You and Me,

Like the ocean & Like the Sea.

The past was forgiven & the future was drawn,

You’re that someone on whom I count on.

I fell in Love, the moment i saw the child in you,

I will fall whenever, I will see the child smile in you.

Millions of stars up in the sky, only one shines brighter which I can’t deny.(That’s You)

A love so precious a Love so True,A love That comes from Me to You..

We loved with a love that was more than love.

~Edgar Allan Poe

Few Years Down …

Few years down, We never were around

Every Glimpse of you , made me say those words aloud.

As the Time passed by , we became lost in the surround.

Day by Day we were part of the same crowd.

But Now..

It’s been a while we have started talking,

The bond we had is in Remaking.

It took sometime to get us back to normal

But For the past few years, we were so formal.

It’s good to have you back as my friend

They say “A friend with some past is good for health “

And a Friend for me is More Worth than any wealth..!

It feels like something from the past has been pumped with life and it’s rising from the dead .

So My Friend I call you my very own

“Walking Dead” 💀.

The past we shared, the Fun we had & the pain,

That didn’t go in vain

It’s been ,

Few years down in the Memory lane..!!

“You can close your eyes to reality but not to Memories “


Friends may Come & Friends may Go

Hold your ones & Never let them go.

It had a beginning & won’t have an End

Those First Hi bye’s made us Friends.

It’s been a while ,A long way to go

Choosing our destiny, along with the flow.

Now is the time when we go on our chosen paths

A chapter closes , An opening for new path.

It’s about time , We say our goodbyes

Full of Memories & Unbreakable Ties.

“The only way to have a friend is to be one”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson